Welcome to the Garage Moshi

Welcome to the Garage Moshi


In the savannah – The Big 5, shaking the ground!

In the air – Kilimanjaro; The roof of Africa, dancing with the clouds!

On the open plains – Rumbling bikes, ripping and roaring through the dust!

With ecosystems, sights and terrain like no other, Tanzania offers the ultimate 2 wheeler’s playground, not just for hobby, but to escape from reality!

We are 4 dudes with 1 goal… and that is, we keep it twisted!!

As lucky as we have been as riders to experience how incredible the Tanzanian trails are on bikes, it is our rider-given duty to share this secret.

We offer bespoke, self-ridden, tried and tested routes that will not only test your willingness to ride but your ability to make it to the end where satisfaction and achievement await.

On these handpicked routes, there is everything from sand to mud, rocks to mountains and lakes to beaches, bush camping and an array of adventurous experiences that we can offer.

Ask us for a quote today!

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